Wednesday, April 16, 2014


                                                             Bunnies are cuddly
                                                             The large and the small
                                                             But I like chocolate ones
                                                             The best of them all.
                                                              ~Author Unknown

illustration by Jean Julien celebrating buona pasquaillustration by dutch illustrator Robert Wagt of an easter bunny with a giant egg

vintage Polish Happy Easter illustration kids painting an eggfunny egg character illustration by Serge Bloch

50's illustrator Art Seiden's Easter bunny illustrationrunning bunny illustration by Benji Davies

bunny hiding for a girl illustration by Katrine KalleklevEaster bunny with egg by giant chicken illustration by Michael Sowa

From the rabbit hole, clockwise from top left; buona pasqua illustration by French graphic designer Jean Julien, my own easter bunny with a giant egg, funny egg character by another frenchman Serge Bloch,  a cute running bunny by Benji Davies,  Michael Sowa's nightmare at easter, bunny hiding for a girl  by Katrine Kalleklev,  50's illustrator Art Seiden's Easter bunny, vintage Polish Happy Easter illustration.

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