Friday, September 27, 2013

CIRCUS a magic world of illustrations

At the moment I'm working on a very simple circus-themed counting book for children, I was struck by the number of different artists and illustrators who were inspired by the circus.
Here's a small first selection of illustrations to give you an idea and who knows, maybe a little bit of that childhood magic rubs off on you.

illustration by robert wagt of a dog juggling at the circusillustration of circus il grande alfredo by spider

circus bear and monkey illustration by yuko shimizucircus book cover vintage carter  illustration by sara mulvanny

circus illustration by jonas bergstrandcircus illustration by french poster artists savignac 

circus illustartion of acrobats by lionel koechlintrapeze circus illustration by aurelius battaglia

                                       circus illustration by stig lindberg

Vintage and modern circus illustrations, from top left clockwise: Robert Wagt - juggling circus dog, Spider's  "il grande Alfredo", Sara Mulvanny's cover illustration for "nights at the circus", vintage poster art by French illustrator Savignac, Aurelius Battaglia, Circus book by Swedish designer Stig Lindberg, Lionel Koechlin - acrobats, Jonas Bergstrand and finally New York based Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu.


  1. How fun Robert!-I like the collection of circus illustrations you put together too.