Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The knitting craze

Now that knitting has become the new yoga and just about everybody from Brooklyn hipsters to soccer moms have taken up the needles, we've almost forgotten about the days of yore when knitting was forever associated with grannies and ill-fitting and/or scratchy pullovers with weird patterns or images that by definition were uncool.

wool ad by french poster artist savignac        photograph of a knitted orange scarf by Giles Deacon    
              knitting cat in a vintage japanese wool adcolorful knitted sweater by Belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck
               illustration by robert wagt of a valentine couple on a couch                
       photograph of a knitted red wall by orly genger in madison square park
                photograph of a dior headdress by paolo roversi for vogue italia

Ripping yarns, clockwise from top left; Giles Deacon's knitted orange scarf, a Savignac wool ad, Belgian designer Walter van Beirendonck's knitted men's wear sweater, Happy Valentine illustration by  Robert Wagt, Dior headdress by Paolo Roversi for Italian Vogue, Orly Genger's knitted red wall in NY 's Madison Square park, Irving Penn's photograph of a Balenciaga dress and a Japanese wool ad.

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