Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sure enough one associates Britain with High tea, that other great British invention, after the yodel meter, Peter Sellers and the Queen mother.
Whilst you nod off on a plush sofa, dusty waiters complete with stiff upper lip sneak by with trays filled with little sandwiches and pastries, whilst a harp player provides for some back ground muzak, sending you back irreversibly to the days when men were made of steel and ships were made of wood and Britain still was an empire.

illustration by amanda upton of a woman teapot and cupsillustration by robert wagt of a woman having tea in the kitchen with her cat 

colorful illustration of a woman drinking tea by patrick hruby           illustration of a woman drinking tea on a fornasetti plate                   
tea packaging illustration by victoria wiercinskiillustration of a lady having tea at a table by peter newella fashion illustration for a twinnings tea packaging
illustration by arthur rackham of alice in wonderland tea partyillustration by sara mulvanny of alice in wonderland tea cup

Coffee, tea or me? From clockwise top left corner; Amanda Upton's tea woman, Robert Wagt's morning tea in the kitchen, detail of a Fornasetti plate, famous illustrator Peter Newell's tea drinking lady, the wonderful Alice in Wonderland illustrations of Sara Mulvanny, Arthur Rackham's take on the same subject, two tea packaging examples and finally Patrick Hruby's russian doll tea lady.

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