Thursday, August 22, 2013

Serkan Cura, dreaming in feathers

In 2010 Serkan Cura gathered all his savings, to buy most of the stock of feathers of Maison Fevrier, a Parisian plumassier or feather specialist which was closing down.
Lots of these feathers are of exotic birds and they are no longer available as the birds are now protected.

photograph of a serkan cura dress made out of feathers

Cura does haute couture creating fur-like garments, he studies old techniques and assembles dresses in a painstakingly and long process.

Born in Antwerp, Belgium, he studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp and graduated in 2007.
He then worked for four years in the atelier of Jean Paul Gaultier.

fashion photograph of a serkan cura feather dress

Corsetry is at the heart of many of his looks, "I like corsets because it refines the waist and I love tiny waists that make the hips look rounder" he explains.

illustration by robert wagt of a feather head dress
Robert Wagt feather head dress illustration

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