Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anthropologie rhymes with creativity

photograph of the decoration of an anthopologies shop window

Anthropologie is known to have some of the most creative and elaborate decor showcased in their windows and throughout their stores.

The store which opened in 1992, has currently over 147 stores in the US and two stores in the UK, most of their home good items are hand made by various craftsmen around the globe.

Check out the amazing video of the time and effort gone into these displays here.

They recently launched their new beauty products line called "Grown under Glass".

photograph of an anthropologies clothing store decoration of lace balloons

photograph of the decoration in the interior of an anthropologie store

photograph of the interior decoration of an anthropologie shop


  1. Anthro's displays are so very fun & creative. Definitely the best part of the store and a huge reason why this brand is so successful(IMO). Sometimes they offer creative workshops for adults & kids and the artwork ends up in the displays.

    1. Think they lost a bit of their freshness tough, as far as displays are concerned.
      I found them less interesting recently.