Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I used to sing in the shower
Dance like I was in the rain
Watch all of my worries
Be washed down the drain

illustration by Tine Schulz of a woman singing in the showerlittle girl in the shower illustration by Robert Wagt

cat and boy habving a shower together illustration by Dr.Seussvintage little boy playing in the bath/shower illustration by Aliki

Capyboppy having a shower laying down illustration by Bill Peeta stripped elephant shower illustration by Nathaniel Mather

a peeping tom illustration by Tor Freemansnoopy having a shower artwork by Charles M.Schulz

Illustrations as clean as a whistle, clockwise from top left;  Tine Schulz woman singing in the shower, little girl in the shower by Robert Wagt, vintage illustration by Aliki of a little boy playing in the bath/shower, a stripped elephant having a shower by Nathaniel Mather, Snoopy soaping up artwork by Charles M.Schulz and a peeping tom by Tor Freeman, Capyboppy having a shower laying down  by Bill Peet and finally cat and boy having a shower together  by Dr.Seuss.

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