Wednesday, February 12, 2014


adoring, always, amorous, appreciative, ardent, beautiful, blessed, blushing, caring, committed, considerate, dedicated, deep, deeply, devoted, devotedly, emotional, everlasting, exciting, faithful, fond, fondly, ravishing, red, romantic, sensual, sentimental, sexy, significant, special, steadfast, still, supportive, sweet, together, touching, treasured, true, trustworthy, understanding, undying, unselfish, wonderful, forever, ga ga, giving, handsome, happy, heartfelt, heartwarming, inexpressible, innermost, inspirational, intimate, lasting, lovable, loving, lovingly, moonstruck, only, passionate, perfect, precious, and last but not least profound.

A smile means more than a thousand words.

cut out heart illustration for valentines day by Rob Ryantwo kids jumping rope valentines day illustration by Robert Wagt

a change of hearts for Serge Bloch's valentines day illustrationcigarettes and coffee couple for valentines day by photographer Salva Lopez

a valentines day couple cuddling up in bed illustration by Carolina Buziofrench fashion illustrator Rene Gruau valentines day couple illustration

a black and white valentines day couple illustration by Tali YalonetzkiWolf Erlbruch illustration animal kiss for Valentines Day

The heart of the matter, clockwise from top left; Valentine's day illustrations from cut out paper artist Rob Ryan, dutch born illustrator Robert Wagt's kids jumping rope, a cigarettes and coffee couple by photographer Salva Lopez, french fashion illustrator Rene Gruau's couple for a perfume ad, Wolf Erlbruch's animal kisses, Tali Yalonetzki's black and white version of a valentines day couple whilst Carolina Buzio's couple cuddle up in bed and Serge Bloch gives his heart away.

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