Thursday, February 27, 2014


What's the first thing you do, when you wake up? Out of 2.036 polled in a recent 10 city online survey,  84% of smart phone owners check the app, first thing in the morning. The mobile app most commonly checked are: Email 67%, Weather 45%, Social media 40% (you have 0 new likes), News 35%, Financial news 12%, Traffic 11%, Shopping 11% (let's spend ) and lest not forget Dating (really?) 3%. The 84% isn't surprising for the simple fact many of us not only sleep with our phone bedside, but also because the smartphone has replaced the alarm clock.

illustration by Robert Wagt of a little boy brushing his teethillustration by Ellen Surrey of an elephant having a bath in his bathroom

Jip en Janneke brushing teeth illustration by Fiep Westendorpa hippo in the bathtub illustration by Elisabeth Brozowska
vintage illustration of a baby bear in the bathtubLaura Stoddart illustration of a gigantic bathtub

illustration by Savignac ad for dop shampoo bath time for the mouse family illustration by Philip Mendoza

A clean sheet, bathroom illustrations, from top left clockwise;  little boy brushing his teeth by Robert Wagt, lovely elephant having a bath by Ellen Surrey, Jip en Janneke brushing teeth by Dutch illustrator Fiep Westendorp, Laura Stoddart's illustration of a gigantic bathtub, bath time for the mouse family by Philip Mendoza, illustration by Savignac for a DOP shampoo ad, vintage illustration of a not too happy baby bear in the bathtub, while Elisabeth Brozowska's  hippo is having problems.


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