Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bad weather

Gene Kelley was singing in the rain, Milli Vanilli blamed it on the rain, Leo Sayer had it raining in his heart, for Elvis it was all he needed, and  the Weather girls had it raining men, Prince's was purple and Peter Gabriel's red, the Seekers asked themselves what they had done to it and for Aaron Neville it felt like rain, whilst Duran Duran had to hold it back and where Rod Stewart lives they had ten days of downpour, which would have been great for Garbage and Eric Clapton , because they are only happy when it rains. So they ain't going to thank Nick Cave because according to him it ain't going to rain no more.
                japanese woodblockprint artist Hiroshige Evening shower at Atake and the great bridge         illustration by french illustrator pierre le tan of a car on a rainy road    

      illustration by Romanian-born American cartoonist and illustrator saul steinberg of rainillustration by dutch born artist robert wagt of a couple on a solex in the rain
              illustration by rene gruau of a raincoat ad for blizzand   illustration of london in the rain by adrian johnson

                     photograph by martin parr from his book bad weather

Hard rain's a gonna fall, according to, clockwise from top left; Japanese woodblock print artist Hiroshige, Pierre Le-Tan, Robert Wagt 's couple on a solex in the rain, Adrian Johnson likes London in the rain, British photographer Martin Parr's famous "bad weather" pictures, Rene Gruau Blizzand raincoat ad and last but not least Saul Steinberg.

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