Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traditional headdresses of Miao women of China

The Miao, also known as the Hmong, are one of the most numerous ethnic minorities in China. However, the largest communities are found in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Their traditional dress varies from community to community. Clothes vary in their style, patterns, colour, ornamentation and accessories so than, according to some experts, between 23 and 80 local styles might exist.
Women in some groups have really striking headdresses, as for example, the Long-Horned Miaowomen. They wrap lots of artificial "hair" (long black threads of yarn) around the horn-shaped piece of wood making extremely huge wig and finish with decorating it with long strips of fabric. Their unusual name comes from this custom of adding a horn to their hair.

photo of the headdress of the long horn miao

photo of a miao long horn headdress of china

Silver Miao are famous for their extreme love of silver. Silver is a symbol of wealth and beauty in this group. The siver ornaments worn by women include necklaces, collars, armbands, brooches, rings and head decorations that resemble a mixture of a crown and a hat.
photo of a girl in traditional costume wearing a miao silver headdress

photo of a miao child in traditional costume with silver headdress

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