Wednesday, February 5, 2014


A friend, who should have known better, once in a moment of complete brain death, tried to lure me into lessons at a dance school. Whilst having no problem whatsoever disconnecting my brain from the rest of my body and letting myself completely go to a nice tune, the thought alone of going to another school out of my own free will in an attempt to become the next Fred Astaire, once an amateur himself, raised the hairs on my forearm and I was lost to the art of dance forever.

illustration by french illustrator Loustal of a couple dancinga pig and a goose dancing the tango  illustration by Robert Wagt

vintage illustration of a couple of dressed frogs dancingBen Javens illustration of a dancing couple

Kirsten Sims animal tiger and man dance illustrationa gay couple dancing by Tom of Finland

dance illustration dancing couple by american cartoonist Jules Feiffertreading on toes dance illustration by norman rockwell

illustration by french artist sempe of dance lessons for the new yorker coverposter advertising hotfootstomp dance illustration

May I have this dance? Clockwise from top left corner: French illustrator Loustal's dancing couple, Robert Wagt's "it takes two to Tango", Ben Javens' couple dancing to a record player, Tom of Finland's gay dancing couple, Norman Rockwell steps on toes at this party dance, whilst an unknown artist made this poster of a Zoot couple for hotfootstomp, the inevitable Sempe's ballet lessons, american cartoonist Jules Feiffer's couple blend into each other, Kirsten Sims and a vintage illustration of a couple of frogs dancing, artist unknown.

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